Friday, 24 October 2014

Latest Update; 24.10.2014


Time has escaped me these last few weeks; apologies for the lack of updates.

Thomas has been to Tring and now is waiting to go to Southend in just under a month's time. To say the first show was a success is an understatement - the kids loved it. There was almost always a crowd around the layout, and we were soon taking requests for characters to appear.

As with any exhibition, you get a few teething troubles when you first set up, but these were resolved by the time the first public arrived. Some well-behaved observers even got a chance to try their hand at operating the models.

The layout page has been updated with some recent photographs that show it in it's current state following the recent revamp. Here's a quick taster...

So what's next? Well, I'm presently working on a model of Harvey the crane tank, which will be a unique sight once complete. This is a Japanese toy with the motor chassis of a Hornby L&Y Pug underneath. Once this is complete, I also plan to add Splatter and Dodge, the goofy 08 engines from the first feature film "Thomas & The Magic Railroad" released in 2000. In time, Diesel 10 will accompany them.

With the recent release of the USA Bachmann's Arry and Bert models, I hope to soon acquire these to grow the character fleet further.
I'm also on the hunt for some Triang 3MT Piston rods and Cylinders (and, if possible, all the lubrication gear too) to complete my model of Arthur the 2/3mt tank engine.

Some extra sidings may be required - I'm sure I can add a headshunt to the engine shed...


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